When you want the staff to be more indulged into work than to get tensed of the work culture that exists there, then it is time for you to renovate the office premises with something new and thought provoking. You should and must understand that people perceive a lot of the work culture from the ambience that is seen in the office. When the reception has the pictures of arts it conveys the holistic mind set of the staff working there by which the visitors are half relaxed. Similarly, once the eligible resources visit the office for giving interview, you should make it clear that the environment would be challenging and lovely to work in.

While you could explain about the projects that are in pipeline so as to make it clear that they are likely to have something solid to work on, the ceiling light fixtures that are fixed in the cabins should tell what sort of environment that they are likely to work. Also, if you have some projects that needs people in shift basis, then the lighting effect should be as less as possible on the staff so that they are less strained by working on the laptops that are given to them.
Do not underestimate the impact of light fixtures on the staff. The environment that has dim light would even make the resources dull and make them resistant against any change that is proposed by you. However, the office cubic where light is plenty would make the resources more energetic and hence would drive the best out of them that would make wonders in the projects they are working on. The cost could be reduce by procuring such light fixtures from online stores and also ease of shipping them would make you comfortable.